George H. Atkinson (1905 – 1978) and his wife, Mildred M. Atkinson (1904 – 1967), believed in helping individuals and families achieve independent and rewarding lives. In 1939 they initiated the tradition of thoughtful philanthropy that is carried on by the Atkinson Foundation today.

The Atkinsons traveled extensively on trips related to his position as President and Co-Founder of the Guy F. Atkinson Company, an international construction and engineering firm. This fostered an interest in the welfare of local communities worldwide. Simultaneously, they raised a family and provided dedicated leadership, on both a national and local level, to their church, schools and community agencies.

As times, conditions and needs evolve, the Atkinson Foundation Board of Directors is dedicated to maintaining creative continuity with the values of its founders. It is with gratitude to them that we commemorate over 75 years of philanthropy, and look to the future.